How do I send a Bunk Note (one-way email) to my camper?

Follow the instructions above except, after registering, simply sign in and click on the Bunk Notes button.  Enter your camper’s name, select the correct cabin, type your message, and hit the “Send” button.

Why do I have to pay to send Bunk Notes (one-way email)?

Each morning, the Bunk Notes system bundles and sorts the messages for us to print out and distribute to campers.  It also protects us from computer viruses and allows us to easily manage these emails.  Your payment helps us cover the cost of the system, paper, ink, and labor and, more importantly, frees us to do what we do best – be with your kids!  Bunk Note credits cost $1 each and are purchased in packs of various sizes.

Can other relatives use these services?

Certainly.  Once you have set up your account, you will be able to invite other people to access these services.

What do I do if I lost my username and password?

You can get it online by going to and clicking on the link "Lost Your Password?" (to the left of the page below the sign in button).  You will receive an email with your username and password within a few minutes.

Who do I call If I have questions / problems?

Please call Bunk1 at 1-800-216-9472 or go to

When does my child receive their Bunk Note?

Bunk Notes are distributed during Lunch, as an example if you the parent/guardian sent a Bunk Note on Monday, the camper would receive the Bunk Note on Tuesday in the afternoon.