Greater New York

Youth Band/Chorus-Railton Brass/Chorus 2017 

April – May Schedule




1st - Youth Chorus (Good Friday group) rehearsal  10am – 4-00pm                                                                                                                                                                                    

3rd –Youth Band/Railton Chorus 

8th – Youth Chorus (Good Friday group) rehearsal  10-00am – 4-00pm

10th –Youth Chorus/ Railton Brass

14th –Good Friday FET- Youth Band/ Youth Chorus both groups arrive 1-00pm - dinner provided (Youth Band in Blues).

24th –Youth Band/ Railton Chorus 

29th –Star Search-Star Lake Camp Railton groups arrive 9-30am in white shirts – Youth Band/Chorus if not participating or helping during the day arrive 5-30pm




1st –Youth Chorus only

6th – Youth Band/Chorus rehearsal for the 7th – 10-00am – 2-00pm - lunch provided

7th-SET Youth Band/ Youth Chorus arrival 4-00pm

8th –Youth Band only

15th –Youth Band & Chorus 

21st –Youth Band/ Youth Chorus Concert at Hempstead – arrival 3-00pm