Infinitely Precious

ChildAlmost one hundred years ago, while visiting India, the founder of The Salvation Army remarked that children are the key to our future.  He said we should pay not just 1,000 times more attention to the children than to the adults, but 10,000 times more attention.

Our current international leader, General Shaw Clifton, agrees.  In a recent letter to all Salvationists around the world, he wrote

"In today's world we must protect the children from all kinds of evil and harm: impure literature, the temptations of the internet, drugs and alcohol, those who would prey upon them seeking to damage and abuse them, materialism, low self-esteem, peer pressures of every kind, premature sexualisation - the list could go on and on."

We take this to heart in Kingston, and offer a large selection of activities designed to reach out to, encourage, and strengthen our young people.

Character Building Programs

Rooted in the scouting heritage, our character building programs emphasize both individual and group development.  In Kingston, we offer Bible-based programs for both boys and girls:

Sunbeams is a fun-filled program that helps girls ages six to eleven develop socially, mentally, and spiritually.  From learning to help at home, to assisting others in the community and respecting nature, Sunbeams opens girls' eyes to how they can make a difference in the world around them.

Girls in middle and high school can join Girl Guards.  Skill-development, personal growth, and community service opportunities expand as girls learn to work together and independently in various environments.  They are also encouraged to think seriously about career and lifestyle choices as they move into adulthood.

For boys ages six to fourteen is the Adventure Corps.  Boys are encouraged to get out, explore the world around them, and discover ways of serving God and others.  By participating in a variety of activities including hiking, fishing, investigating museums, visiting nursing homes, memorizing Bible verses, and camping, young men learn to overcome physical, mental, and social challenges to grow into responsible adults.


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