Alumni photo

You Are Star Lake

Over the years, the ministry of Star Lake has involved people from all over the world. Each summer a unique blend of young people come together to reach out to each other and children in the name of Christ. For most of us, a deep, lasting impact has been made, as we collided with each other in community. For some, we met a life-long friend. For some, we met our future spouse. For some we made a career change. For some we felt God's call to ministry. For all of us, camp has changed our life. And you, as past staff members, are part of the 'great cloud of witnesses' cheering on the current staff. So, as you check out the Facebook alumni pictures  and other material, remember what God had done through you, remember the faces and the events but more importantly commit yourself to pray for the ministry of Star Lake. It still goes on. Children, in need of Christ, come to this place, and see Jesus in the lives of the staff. Lives change. Direction changes. Fear goes away. Confidence soars. Friendships develop. All because of the ministry of Star Lake. And you are Star Lake. May God bless you.