Staff from Colombia

The Star Lake camp staff comes from all corners of the world. Since 1999 15% of the camp staff have come from overseas through the J-1 Visa Cultural Exchange program.

As for the other 85%, the Tri-state area makes up a large part of our staff as well as others hailing from different states of the USA. Our diverse staff enables Star Lake to provide a well-rounded program for the children and a chance to learn more about the world in which we live, as well as, an opportunity to interact with others from different cultures.

Some of the countries represented in the past at our camp are:

Antigua//Australia//Barbados//Canada//Chile//Colombia//Czech Repbulic//DR Congo//England//Guyana//
Hong Kong//Hungary//India//Jamaica//Korea//Moldova//Netherlands//Northern Ireland//Mexico//Norway//Poland//Russia//Scotland//Singapore//Spain//South Africa//Ukraine//Venezuela