Our Challenges?

Our ministry is mainly to children from the Greater New York area. Due to poverty, a lack of family structure, ecological hazards and limited in their resources  camp is inaccessible to some children, but on the contrary quite necessary as studies have shown the benefits of children to having outdoor educational experiences help to broaden their learning. Star Lake provides a low cost opportunity for such children. They can then have an unforgettable week in a growing, learning and fun Christian environment.

Working at Star Lake can be challenging because we invite children to camp who struggle with boundaries, community living and self control. Therefore, you will be stretched beyond any place you have been before. You will cry, laugh, get tired, be frutstrated, get wet, sing songs, tell stories, clean wounds, give hugs and have life long memories.

Sometimes you will question whether you are making a difference. The bottom line, however, is that if you are willing to serve with all your energy, you can change the direction of a child's life.