Last Updated: 22 May 2018

*All youth camp salaries will be contracted to the end of Youth Camp Clean-Up Wednesday, August 8th.

Lifeguard Training

Arrival for all Lifeguard Staff
4 days 10am - 3pm: Monday & Tuesday, June 11th-12th, Thursday & Friday, June 14th-15th
Lifeguard Staff Arrive> Sunday, June 10th @ 12pm

Adventure Challenge Course Training

Arrival for all Adventure Challenge Course Specialists
3 days Monday, June 11th through Wednesday, June 13th
Adventure Challenge Course Staff Arrive> Sunday, June 10th @ 12pm

Leadership Staff Development

Arrival for all Leadership Staff: Program Director, Caseworkers, Head Counselors, Unit Leaders
Kitchen Supervisor, Health Center Manager, Konduit Program Director, Waterfront Director and Program Specialists
4 days Thursday, June 21st through Sunday, June 24th
Leadership Staff Arrive> Thursday, June 21st @ 6pm

Jesus Theatre Training

Arrival for all Konduit/Food Service Aides
3 days Friday, June 22nd through Sunday, June 24th
Konduit/Food Service Aides Arrive> Friday, June 22nd @ 6pm

Full Staff Development

Arrival for all Counseling, and Support Staff
6 days Sunday, June 24th through Friday, June 29th
Full Staff Arrive> Sunday, June 24th @ 6pm

Music & Creative Arts Week

8 days Saturday, June 30th through Saturday, July 7th
Campers Depart> Saturday, July 7th directly after Music Finale Approximately 5PM

Staff Break I

Required Off-Camp Staff Break Starts> Saturday, July 7th Approximately @ 5:30PM
Required Off-Camp Staff Break Ends> Monday, July 9th @ 7PM

Adventure Via Imagination Week

8 days Tuesday, July 10th through Tuesday, July 17th
Campers Depart> Tuesday, July 17th directly after breakfast

Staff Break II

Required Off-Camp Staff Break Starts> Tuesday, July 17th @ 12PM
Required Off-Camp Staff Break Ends> Thursday, July 19th @ 7PM

Corps Program Week

8 days Friday, July 20th through Friday, July 27th
Campers Depart> Friday, July 27th directly after breakfast

Staff Break III

Required Off-Camp Staff Break Starts> Friday, July 27th @ 12PM
Required Off-Camp Staff Break Ends> Sunday, July 29th @ 7PM

Sports "W.A.R. CRY" Week

9 days Monday, July 30th through Tuesday, August 7th
Campers Depart> Monday, August 7th directly after breakfast

Camp Clean-Up

1 day Wednesday, August 8th
Staff Closing Banquet> Wednesday, August 8th @ TBD.
Staff Final Departure> Wednesday, August 8th ONLY AFTER staff banquet and all required checkouts are complete.

Territorial Music Camp ("TMC")