Who is The Konduit program designed for?

The Konduit program is designed for 15 & 16 year old Salvationists from the Greater New York Division who are active in their corps.  Occasionally we will hire someone who is not a Salvationist but whom regularly attends their local Salvation Army Corps and is active in its programs.

How many of The Konduits do you hire?

We hire around 16 to 18 Konduits.

Do I have to share a room with anyone?

Each Konduit is assigned one roommate whom is also part of the Konduit program.

How much free time do I have each day?

Depending on how quickly one completes his/her job assignment, he/she will have between 3 to 4 hours of free time between the time he/she wakes up and the time he/she goes to bed.

How often do The Konduits meet for the Konduit program?

Konduits gather five days a week, three different times each day, totaling 4 hours a day.

What do we do in The Konduit?

A variety of activities: low & high ropes course, read & discuss books, hike, participate in experiential multimedia small group Bible studies for youth, laser tag, prepare and lead fellow Konduits in morning devotions, CPR training and certification, bowling, participate in question and answer time with guest panel on the topic of dating and marriage, prepare video interviews with older staff, pray for one another, prepare skits for campfire, journal, and much more.

What is the goal of the Konduit program?

To become a better Christ-follower who is better equipped for future camp employment.

What if I have more questions?

For more information on The Konduit program feel free to contact The Konduit Program Director Captain Angelica Rosamilia-Rodriguez.