Is this a co-ed camp? Yes. All activites are shared. Male and female staff live and sleep in separate cabins.

What are your fundamental expectations of a staff member? To support our mission (OTHERS), be a hardworker, dependable, at best maintaing a positive attitude to be an effective Christian witness.

As a Counselor how many campers would I be responsible for? Normally each Counselor is responsible for 7 children, however this depends upon the number enrolled for each session.

Where do most of the Star Lake campers come from? Our campers come from the NYC area, including the counties of Nassau, Suffolk, and Hudson Valley East & West.

Who are the Camp Directors? Star Lake is under the direction of Majors Juan  & Lydia Mercado.

Are there religious services at camp? Yes, It is a high priority of camp leadership to provide opportunities for all staff to grow in their spiritual walk. These opportunities include weekly Bible Studies, prayer before meals, daily devotional periods, Lord's Day morning worship services, and Lord's Day evening vespers.

This is my first time at camp, what can I expect? Working at Star Lake can be challenging because we invite children to camp who struggle with boundaries, community living and self-control. Therefore, you will cry, laugh, get tired, be frustrated, get wet, sing songs, tell stories, clean wounds, give hugs and have life long memories.

How are the living quarters? All living quarters are functionally contemporary but natural in design. Each cabin is equipped with indoor plumbing, bathing areas and electricity.

When and how often do I get paid? You will be paid every two weeks during the summer, beginning on the date indicated on your contract, provided that you have properly completed and submitted your paperwork (i.e. W-4 & I-9 Forms).

Is their internet access? Yes, all staff have access to the internet via computers in the Staff Lounge. It is available during staff lounge hours.

What If I have my own car? If you are bringing a car to camp, you must show proof of license, registration and insurance. While camp is in session, your vehicle must remain in the parking areas designated.

Do I have to leave camp during session breaks? There is at least a 2 day break in between each camp session. So that everyone (including camp Leadership) is able to rest, you are required to leave camp during these breaks. We strongly encourage all staff who live locally to invite home the staff who live too far away to go home during these breaks. We ask that you plan ahead for these breaks.

How can I find out more about Star Lake? Feel free to contact our Camp Director at (212) 337-7250.